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Creating 3D models of cars or their parts and subsequent visualization according to the client. By mutual consent it is possible to export the model to other programs. 






Creating interior or exterior architectonic visualizations designated for interior or architectonic studios. Interior designs.  Exteriors comprise designs of houses, commercial buildings, blocks of buildings and their environs.



Creating high-polygon 3D models and products visualization according to the client. Products visualizations of all kinds designated for advertisement or presentations.






My name is Petr Mucka and Iam freelancer 3D artist. I have been interested in 3D graphics since 2008 and since 2010 I have worked as freelancer. I specialize in hipoly modeling of cars, car parts, products and creating of architectonic visualisations (interiors and exteriors).

3D graphics is fun for me, every new experience is challenge for me and chance to learn something new. If you like my work, dont hesitate to contact me...



  • Creating 3D models and visualisations of cars
  • Creating 3D architectonic visualisations
  • Creating 3D model and visualisations of products